Friday, June 20, 2008


A Message In Her Music: Joy Denalane feat. Lupe Fiasco - Change

A sister with a message and an EU Passport, Berliner Joy Denalane sings powerfully and consciously - making music you can nod the noggin' to and think about... Hot! Brotha Lupe Fiasco joins in for the uplifting message. In "Change" Joy sings "The system that we're living in depends on poverty and greed...but people don't need charity it's justice that we need." Right on Sistah!" It feels so good to hear a message in our music. Keep it up people.

The Video: Change
The Music: Joy Denalane: Born and Raised

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Stuff I'm Digging Now: Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding, just 23, is a bass player, composer and vocalist with serious instrumental and vocal chops. The child began her professional career at 15 in and around Portland and has just released her debut "Esperanza" on Heads Up. She sings in three languages (show off!) plays the f* out of a bass and is a leading contender for the blackbloggah cutiepie award. Fresh! Luvit!

Youtube: Esperanza!
Stream her lovely ballad Precious

Monday, June 02, 2008


Men working to end domestic violence

Here's a message that all us need to get with from the Initiative for Violence Free Families...

Men Wanted"I pledge to MODEL, in all areas, the powerful role men can take in breaking the cycle of violence..." This is one of the statements uttered by hundreds of men as they take the "Domestic Peace Pledge" and become part of 100 Men Take a Stand.

At conferences and gatherings around the country, the 100 Men staff add interested individuals to the Domestic Peace Action Postcard list. The postcards (see example, HERE ) motivate people to act from an African-American perspective, including how the legacy of slavery reverberates in lives today and encouraging men to reject the violent practices and stereotypes handed down through generations. Take the Domestic Peace Pledge, receive the Domestic Peace Action Postcard, and learn more about 100 Men, here.

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