Thursday, August 18, 2005


Finding Black Art Everywhere: The Diasporic Curator

Samuel Fosso, (Zentral-Afrika) Le Chef, 2003.

The great cathedral of contemporary art, the Tate Modern, has brought together four of the hardest working Black people in the global art scene. Chaired by David A Bailey. Three Perspectives: Curating in the Black Diaspora, was a discussion in June 2005 that brought together three curators who have made massive contributions to changing the ways that the art of the black diaspora is seen and shown: Hamza Walker, Director of Education since 1994 at The University of Chicago's The Renaissance Society; Thelma Golden with her landmark show Black Male and work at the Studio Museum In Harlem; Simon Njami with the establishment of the publishing institution Revue Noire, and recently with Africa Remix. They discuss the history of recent exhibition and the issues faced by the diasporic curator today. Get ready to have your dome rocked with knowledge, because this is five hours of a historic black art geek-out. Thanks Tate.

Welcome to blogspot. I love black art, in terms of looking at it and admiring it. I like to hang it on my walls and such, but I don't know much about the black artists who created them. Maybe I'll learn a bit from your blog!
Fosso is one of my absolute favorites. Are you familar with the work of Ike Ude? It reminds me a lot of Fosso's. Same postmodern sensibility,
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