Friday, September 23, 2005


Blackalicious Drop The Craft

Blackalicious: The Craft

Xavier Mosley (aka DJ Chief Xcel) and Tim Parker (aka Gift of Gab) return with their fifth album as Blackalicious, following some 15 years of productions and collaborations with everyone from DJ Shadow to Lyrics Born. Funkier than ever (with live instrumentation courtesy of Spearhead bassist Carl Young, Beastie Boys percussionist Alfredo Ortiz, and funk pioneers Larry Saunders and George Clinton) 'The Craft' brings the influences of soul, funk, rock, Afrobeat, Brazilica and samba to Blackalicious' hip hop consciousness. "The Craft is our passion to bring discipline to this music, the passion to keep growing, keep stretching, keep doing things we haven't before," says Chief Xcel. "The craft is what we live for." Look for The Craft to drop on September 27.

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