Thursday, October 20, 2005


Nollywood takes off: Nigerian film industry overtakes Bollywood

At 26, Genevieve Nnaji has starred in 60-plus films in Nigeria's Nollywood, an industry bigger than Bollywood

From the Globe and Mail: A thousand films and one queen
"With all of the anxiety about the past year's box-office lull, film-industry types have been preoccupied enough to overlook a major shift in the global cinema landscape. It has long been true that India's national film industry (often referred to as Bollywood) produces the largest number of features per year, at approximately 800, followed by the United States, which puts out about 400 films per annum.

But pulling into first place is Nigeria, a contender some might find unlikely. Buoyed by a voracious appetite among Nigerians (population: 128 million) for their own stories, and bolstered by the proliferation of video equipment -- allowing for less expensive production costs -- this developing nation's burgeoning film business now produces a whopping 1,000 features a year."

Picked this one up from the Art Journal

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