Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Rosa Parks editorial cartoons from across the U.S.

Sistah Karmiko in Detroit emailed a powerpoint file with 20+ editorial cartoons marking the passing of Rosa Parks. All of them are respectful, but I found one recurring image a little disturbing...All the God images and St. Peter images are of nice, fatherly, gatekeeping, bearded little White guys inviting Mrs. Parks into a nice, white fluffy heaven. I suspect the scence of her homecoming was more like a raucous church service, cook-out or family reunion. These images subtely betray the fact that we assume its always going to be a littel old white guy holding the keys to any heaven we wish to enter. The more pointed and interesting of the cartoons refer to the loss of understanding among younger black people of the sacrifices made to attain the freedoms they often mindlessly enjoy.

In this one Rosa Parks doesn't even appear. Isn't it sweet of the kindly old white man to offer up a place in heaven...

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