Monday, December 05, 2005


Condoleezza Rice: Apologist for Torture and Gulag

US Secretary of State Rice reads a prepared statement to reporters in Maryland. Credit: Reuters

Today, in carefully crafted language, Condoleeza Rice defended the Bush administration policy of rendition - the transfer of prisoners to countries that specialize in torture. An op-ed piece in The Guardian on Sunday warned that "the evidence is now overwhelming that terror suspects are being flown beyond the reach of anti-torture laws to be questioned in countries where torture may be used." and that "Condoleezza Rice's reported intention to warn European countries to 'back off' their concerns in this area when she visits this week is guaranteed to inflame the issue further, smacking as it does of bullying and blackmail." Really, it's just more of the same from this administration. As BlackBloggah, it's tough to watch this great sistah get pimped by a c+ whiteboy but if you lie down with dogs you're going to wake up with fleas. And, Isn't this the second "Good Negro" who has stood in the line of fire for the Bush clan. It reminds me of those fateful words from Colin Powell before delivering the "yellow powder" speech before the U.N. when he said, "Now I'll always be remembered as the one who made the case for war" Well, now Ms. Rice can always be remembered as the one who made the case for torture.

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