Friday, December 16, 2005


He won the job but not their hearts

Dr. Randal Pinkett, the "only" winner of The Apprentice"

I DON'T WATCH REALITY TV. But, I was marginally interested in this season's The Apprentice, because brutha Dr. Randal Pinkett was in the running. So, I asked an emotionally invested friend of mine who said, "He's so smart." if he had a heart and she assured me he did have one and that he was "very nice." Well, brutha doctor Pinkett was awarded the six-figure contract with Trump last night, as well as a drubbing in the media today, for cutting down his opponent ruthlessly and being greedy. Its no doubt, a phyrric victory for a guy who markets himself as a "community servant."

Here's a good example of the spin on his win:

"Sometimes winning isn't everything... and that clearly was the case here. Randal Pinkett had an impeccable reputation for being a nice guy, but in the live finale, he proved otherwise. When faced with the choice between being gracious or selfish, Randal was greedy, greedy, greedy. [In the conclusion of the show] Donald Trump asked Randal if he should also hire the outstanding Rebecca Jarvis who had showered Randal with nothing but praise. Randal unequivocally mopped the floor with her. Saying, "It's called 'The Apprentice," not 'The Apprenti,'" Apparently Randal is nice only when it serves his own purposes and sharing the spotlight and The Apprentice title were not among them."

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