Thursday, December 01, 2005


Racist Killers of British Youth are Sentenced

"You took from Anthony Walker his most precious possession; that is to say his life and all it held for him. He was a young man of enormous promise, lost in a moment. " - Mr Justice Leveson

THE racist thugs who murdered 18 year old Anthony Walker with an ice-axe were told yesterday they will spend a total of at least 40 years behind bars for what the judge described as "racist thuggery of a type that is poisonous to any civilised society". Mr Justice Leveson handed down mandatory life sentences to 20-year-old Paul Taylor and Michael Barton, 17.

Anthony Walker was waiting at a bus stop with his cousin, Marcus Binns, and girlfriend Louise Thompson when Barton began shouting racist abuse on 29 July. The judge speculated that Barton and Taylor may have objected to a white woman being accompanied by two black men.

Will it never end?

Tonight, some sickos desecrated the sight where Anthony Walker was murdered. Is there no honour and decency in the hearts of racists. The Sun angrily called for someone to come forward who knows about this heinous act.

From the Sun:
The mindless thugs who daubed graffiti where Anthony Walker was murdered are the lowest form of life.

The nation is reeling from the shock of Anthony’s racist murder.

Yet morons think it clever to desecrate his memory at the end of his killer’s trial.

BB: The ghost of Emmett Till walks the streets tonight

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