Thursday, January 19, 2006


Art vs. Racism: New Race Museum To Tour East Coast

Resposted from the CAN network

The Race Museum, a new traveling exhibition that aims to demonstrate the social significance of race through art, theater, and scholarship, will launch a tour of the east coast in March 2006. Throughout the tour, the museum will hold complimentary workshops designed to give participants tools to analyze institutional and cultural racism, as well as understand how their identities have been shaped by white supremacy.

From their website: "Race is a belief system created and used to enforce a social hierarchy among human beings. The dominant caste benefits materially from the system in terms of wealth and power and psychically through self-reflexive symbols of purity and Divinity. The dominant caste must debase and oppress those members of the human race excluded from the caste definition in order to justify its belief in itself as a new Chosen People, a White People.

"We believe education about race is not enough, but that people require an encounter with their identities that no longer allows the fictions of race to seem consistent and truthful. We deny ourselves the opportunity to truly understand the purpose and meaning of our lives when we believe in race."

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