Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Pharrell's Fashion Gambit

On the eve of the release of his first solo outing In My Mind, due in stores on February 14th, Pharrell Williams is trying his hand at watch design for Luis Vuitton. Pharell's work on watch design for company Jacob The Jeweller, apparently got him thinking. "I told Marc that I wanted to do jewelry for LV. I got my designs and ideas together. I did a lot of research," he said according to a report. The designs are described by the newly minted watch stylist as "super regal".

Those wondering whether or not Pharrell's watch line will exude style you can rest assured, the man was named "The Best Dressed Man In The World" in 2005 by Esquire Magazine. Esquire credited Williams with "injecting dressed-up luxury into hip-hop style and thereby influencing a new generation of guys to consider more than just a pair of baggy jeans a reflection of their youthful vitality."

Pharell on fashion: "It's about comfort and the flow."

ABC News: Hitmaker for Britney and Justin, Pharrell Williams Tries His Hand at Solo Album

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