Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Preval: "There have been gross errors and probably gigantic fraud" in Tuesday's Haitian elections

Haitian presidential candidate Rene Preval gestures as he speaks in his hometown of Marmelade

From CBS News: "Leading presidential candidate Rene Preval claimed Tuesday that "gross errors" and likely fraud marred the vote that saw him fall just short of a first-round victory, and he said he would contest the results.

He also urged supporters to protest peacefully, a day after at least one pro-Preval demonstrator was killed and followers elsewhere occupied a hotel.

"If they publish the results as they are now, we will oppose them, the Haitian people will also oppose them, and there will be protests," Preval said.

"We have observed there have been gross errors and probably gigantic fraud," he said, adding that official results "do not correspond with reality."

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