Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Samuel Jackson: The highest-grossing movie actor of all time follows a strict code

In a profile published in the LA Times, the actor is described as a perfectionist who takes his work and legacy seriously and "does not suffer fools lightly." He has been known to verbally dress down any actor or director he views as not giving the "110 percent" he demands of himself.

Rising from obscurity and addiction, Jackson has appeared in, according to his own count, more than 90 films in his career. His latest, Freedomland, opens this weekend and is his fifth major film in the past 13 months. Patrick Goldstein writes that, "What makes Jackson's career trajectory more compelling than that of Harrison Ford, the man he usurped as king of the grosses, is that after becoming a star, he's remained a serious actor, regularly cutting his salary (roughly $10 million) to do parts in small films that matter to him.

Hats off to him.

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