Saturday, March 11, 2006


The State of the Black Union 2006 & The Covenant with Black America

From the invocation by Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowry, to the great panels and debates, "The 7th Annual State of the Black Union" held in Houston this year on February 2006 in the shadow of the wake up call that was Katrina was a powerful convening of Black leaders. Now in its 7th year the event also was the staging ground for the publication of a collection of essays compiled from the event titled The Covenant with Black America. Tavis Smiley's work as a broadcaster and event organizer has helped create what over the last 7 years has a become a crucial forum where Black people come together to discuss, debate and take collective action on our future. I believe that the publication of The Covenant with Black American and this annual event are essential and critical elements in the current phase of Black empowerment. So, If you weren't able to be there in Houston on February 26th catch it online here and organize a meeting, a potluck, a viewing party in your home or community. We all need to get inolved in serious discussions about the state of the black union.

"The 7th Annual State of the Black Union." "Economic Empowerment: Building and Leveraging Wealth in the Black Community & Defining the African American Agenda Part II." explores topics such as entrepreneurship, investing, jobs, the economy and setting the African American agenda. Panelists in Part 2: Harry Belafonte, Na’im Akbar, Raymond Brown, U.S. Rep. Melvin Watt, Cornel West, Kimberle Williams Crenshaw, Bishop Harry Jackson, Rep. Jennette Bradley, Nikki Giovanni

GET INVOLVED! HOST YOUR OWN "STATE OF THE BLACK UNION" GATHERING Get The Covenant with Black America Town Hall Toolkit!

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