Thursday, July 13, 2006


Not Satisfied Yet: BET Founder Johnson in Talks to Found New Urban Media Co.

The cover of the New York Times business section reported that the Weinstein Company is in negotiations with Robert L. Johnson, founder of BET to form a new media company that will focus on black family entertainment. What will the billionaire brotha do next? I guess he's not satisfied with being the biggest black hotelier in the world (the brotha bought 63 hotels for 1 billion dollars) and running his private equity business the RLJ Companies (notice the plural and the subtle use of his own initials...and private equity is whitespeech for "all this is my money".) Well, I suspect this new venture will earn gazillions and will no doubt leave us with reams of hogwash...ooops I mean entertainment that will delight and uplift us. More power to the brotha. Wish I had summahismoney. Hey Bob! I can write. Send a brotha a check for a script. I got a buncha scripts waiting for your new production company to come along and film them. Help a brotha out with a couple million or know you can spare it.

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