Monday, November 20, 2006


Head to Head: Juan Williams vs. Michael Eric Dyson

Being without cable has robbed me of my weekend geekfest - BookTV. So, with a little blogger shame I reveal that I did not hear about the Juan Williams vs. Michael Eric Dyson smackdown that took place on the usually placid c-span channel dedicated to all things non-fiction. So, check it out for yourselves as Williams, senior NPR correspondent and political analyst for Fox defends Cosby and Michael Eric Dyson in effect keeps asking "What is wrong with you?" in three hundred word questions? Big brain brothas dukin' it out over books. I call this Black Bloggah Boxing.

From BookTV: Juan Williams is a senior correspondent for NPR and a political analyst for Fox News Channel. His previous books include, "Eyes on the Prize," and a biography of Thurgood Marshall. In his book, "Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America-- and What We Can Do About It" Williams expands on the arguments made by Bill Cosby during his 2004 speech to the NAACP.

Michael Eric Dyson doesn't mince his words on the subject of Cosby's controversial 2004 NAACP speech. Here he is lobbing rhetorical incendiaries at the comedian in an NPR interview: "While Cosby took full advantage of the civil rights struggle, he resolutely denied it a seat at his artistic table. Thus it's hard to swallow Cosby's flailing away at youth for neglecting their history, and overlooking the gains paid for by the blood of their ancestors, when he reneged on its service when it beckoned at his door." I hope I never make the brother mad.

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