Monday, November 20, 2006


OJ "If I Did It" Interview cancelled on Fox

Public outrage over OJ Simpson's book describing how he would have killed his ex-wife and her friend has led several Fox TV affiliates to drop an interview. BBC UK: Row deepens over OJ Simpson book

So it's tasteless, scandalous and probably unethical...but, you have to give it to Judith Regan who brought it to press because no matter what happens "If I Did It" will sell millions of copies if the interview is aired on FOX or not. Regan claims that she brought the book to market because she wanted to heal victim of domestic abuse. Hmmmm. It's off the top of my head, but how is dredging up all the pain that the trial caused going to help victims of domestic abuse heal? Also, she said that she sees the book as a veiled confession. Another hmmm. What responsibility does she think she has to get a "confession" from a man who has been acquitted? No matter what you think of the outcome there was a trial and a judgment - however botched you think it was. It seems to me that (mostly) white folks just can't live with the results of the trial and continue to try Simpson in the court of public opinion and in every discussion with a black person in which they angrily insist you answer the only question they think matters..."Do you think he did it?"

But, let's be frank, at this point, talk about the Simpson case is really about coded exchanges on race and sex and the stereotypes in our racialized brains about dangerously feral Black men and pure undefilable white women. This sad strain of awful music has been playing in the American psyche since day one. And just now our national race record seems to keep skipping over the Simpson trial - again and again and again. If the whole sordid tragic mess wasn't drenched in race and sex no one would remember O.J. Simpson, let alone care if he was appearing on the oh-so-ethical FOX news channel. We've forgotten all the other murderous husbands and wives that appear regularly on Court-TV.

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