Sunday, March 02, 2008


Darfur: The Recurring Nightmare

You close your eyes, hoping for a dream of peace and are startled and frightened that the old night terrors return in force to route your calm and drive you into despair and fear. And so, it was exactly that feeling that overwhelmed my quiet Sunday morning in cold Minnesota as I read of the renewed violence in Darfur. The Sudanese thumb their noses at the International Criminal Court, unleash the merciless Janjaweed and murderous violence on unarmed villages and towns. Meanwhile, the vaunted strength of the "only superpower" is tied up in endless and questionable crises in Iraq and Afghanistan. I, for one, believe that if Hillary Clinton and other democrats had had moral courage in opposing the Iraq debacle, we would be in a better position, morally and militarily, to stop the genocide in Sudan. But, no. Now mired in Iraq's endless conflict (our very own 100 year war if we are to believe John McCain) and facing a renewed Taliban, we have neither the ethical authority or power to fight a truly just war. Shame on Sudan and on us.

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