Monday, April 14, 2008


Gettin' Hot: Exploring The Essence of Zane

So, let's sex it up here a little at blackbloggah by dipping into the Essence bestseller list. I don't know about you, but an easy way for me to lose a day, is to start looking around in the urban genre lists. Invariably, I turn down the metaphorical byway and find myself in hot urban fiction land. And in this wild, expansive literary badlands, one name cannot be missed...Zane. This perennial bestselling sistah is almost a sub-genre by herself. Zane has so many titles, so many hot titles, that just by stringing them together one could almost create erotic spoken word...

A poem by blackbloggah

Love is Never Painless [so we keep]

Breaking The Cycle [and repeating]
The Sex Chronicles [although]
Nervous [and]
Addicted [to your]
Caramel Flava [i am one of many]
Heat Seekers [caught in]
[for the] Succulent
Honey Flava
[you got me]
Getting Buck Wild [wanting]
Missionary No More [and you to]
Sock It To Me
[and so]
Shame on It All
[you rule me with your]
Chocolate [and so my]
[leads you to my homepage on]

See What I mean. And if you don't believe she can get you off, than click here and check out the key phrase list on one of her titles. Smart bruthas would just buy the book and leave it on the pillow on a day when the lady friend has the day off and is spending extra time in bed.

But Sistah Zane aint done yet with you yet. Clocking in this week at number 5 on the Essence list is her first non-fiction tome Dear G-Spot, in which the author strives, in her explicit, street style way to encourage wild, passionate lovemaking by addressing letters she has received over the years asking for personal advice.

Publishers Weekly said it this way..."Zane's advice is sympathetic and sensitive on every area of sexual confusion and difficulty." Right on Sistah Zane. Education we can use!

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