Friday, April 11, 2008


In Depth With Dyson

While this may look like the "Michael Eric Dyson" fan blog of have to admit the brutha is a busy bro. Case in point, on Saturday, April 12th, Prof. Dyson will appear on C-Span's "In Depth" program, for a 3 HOUR exploration of his many intellectual contributions - 16 books so far! So, if you are down with Dyson check it out.

from Book-TV program description:
Michael Eric Dyson is the author of sixteen books: "Reflecting Black," "Making Malcolm," "Between God and Gangsta Rap," "Race Rules," "I May Not Get There With You," "Hollar If You Hear Me," "Open Mike," "Why I Love Black Women," "The Michael Eric Dyson Reader," "Mercy, Mercy Me," "Is Bill Cosby Right?," "Come Hell or High Water," "Debating Race," "Pride," and "Know What I Mean?" His latest book is "April 4, 1968: Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Death and How It Changed America." You can participate in the discussion by calling in during the program or by e-mailing your questions to For more on Professor Dyson and his work, visit

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