Monday, May 12, 2008


Let the Love Fest Begin: Obama/Clinton 2008

Ok, so I've not weighed in at all on this political race...I suppose my passions were too high and so I didn't trust my opinions. But, I feel pretty calm these days as it looks more certain that Obama will be the nominee. So, the question now is how to handle an endgame for Mrs. Clinton that respects her, preserves her supporters for the democratic side in November, acknowledges her extraordinary contributions and preserves for her, a path to the White House?

My solution - the "Love Hillary Up" campaign. It is time to acknowledge her; to recognize her central role in the future of the Democratic party; to celebrate her galvanizing energy; to embrace her razor sharp intellect; to employ her insight into thorny policy issues; to direct her dogged determination; and to galvanize her fighting spirit and her base to demolish McCain in the fall. The "Love Hillary Up" campaign will end, of course, by offering her what most likely remains her only path to the White House - the veep slot on the ticket. A marriage of the campaigns would likely galvanize the nation and bring together the now bitterly divided wings of the party to face the common enemy - Bush II (Oops I mean John McCain).

I guess a great fear in the Obama camp about offering Senator Clinton the VP slot would be the the danger of Hill and Bill overwhelming and undermining an Obama presidency. However, I think she could serve an Obama presidency well. They are, after all, nearly identical on policy issues. And, since "Darth Vader" Cheney, we've become familiar and comfortable with a strong veep. Now, we don't expect the VP to be powerless. We expect them to be at some undisclosed locations busting chops, taking names and convening anonymous committees of business leaders to figure out policy. Another thorny question would be what do do with Bill. The right assignment for him would, in my opinion, conveniently remove him from Washington, to say .... (the political equivalent of Alaska) India, China or Africa to do charity work on AIDS or climate change. This would free Vice President Clinton to be the velvet hammer of an Obama presidency in Congress and in thorny foreign policy negotiations in the war on terror, etc. As an added bonus, she could have that red phone installed in her office just to reassure the nation that if the young buck gets off course, or, Goddess forbid, slips on a wet basketball court, that we've got our very own "Iron Lady" prepped to pick up the dreaded 3AM call.

So, now that we've got that figured out...let the Love Fest begin...that is, after a couple months of Obama defining himself in the race against McCain, while doing the warm love her up thing. Then, in, around the end of July, announce the ticket that is gonna whup McCain in Novemeber.

Until then, everybody "Love Hillary Up"...Show her that we care, and that we appreciate her and stop all this nonsensical chatter about voting for Bush II in Obama/Clinton yo! That's the BlackBloggah ticket!

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