Thursday, August 14, 2008


Sodade: Providence Black Rep Celebrates the Music of Cape Verde

Watch Mayra Andrade's haunting Lua on YouTube

Watch the alluring Lura's perform ( oh naia )

I love the music of Cape Verde: Right now I have a musical crush on Mayra Andrade - the 2008 BBC world music award winner for best newcomer. I'm also digging the lovely Lura and of course continually amazed by the incomparable Cesaria Evora. I think its so important to realize the extraordinary cultural breadth and beauty of the African diaspora. Big ups to Providence Black Rep for celebrating this beautiful aspect of our global culture.

At Providence Black Rep
Tonight at 9:00 PM

Sodade is a night devoted to the classic sounds of Cape Verde and Brazil. Hosted by Notera Sounds Entertainment, Sodade is the best place to hear up-and-coming artists of the Portuguese-speaking Diaspora along with international guest artists.

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