Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Time to Change: Black Men, Suicide and Seeking Help

Dr. Sean Joe
Researcher at the University of Michigan focused on preventing "urban African-American adolescent males from engaging in multiple forms of self-destructive behaviors, including suicidal behavior." Dr. Joe spoke with NEWSWEEK following the disturbing online suicide of Abraham Biggs.

Black men do not seek help for mental health issues because we fear being stigmatized and don't trust providers. But this is killing us. We have got to start reaching out. It is a sign of courage and wisdom when you seek help, not weakness. Recently, I sought counseling for stress and possible depression. I found a Black male counselor that I could trust. And although I felt a bit unsure at first, after a couple of sessions, I developed a sense of trust. I did not continue seeing him after he assessed that I was in good condition. But, it was good to check it out and and I feel more secure knowing that I have someone I can turn to. I wish more bruthas would find a good head doc to talk to when things get rough. It could save a lot of our lives.

The Association of Black Psychologists
African American Suicide Factsheet

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