Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Tina Turner, Kicking and Screaming Her Way Around the World, at 69

While the NY Times reported today that we'd lost the legendary Odetta, it also reviewed the Madison Square Garden appearance of Tina Turner. Tina, now on her upmteenth world tour, apparently screamed and kicked her way through a razzle dazzle show while coming off as an extraordinary human being....Wow! That the near septuagenarian still rocks at all is hope for me - who, at forty, and flu-ish, feels a bit closer today to the kind of rock that doesn't roll at all.

Gotta lover her.
From the NY Times:
"On solid ground in high heels, she was a ferocious, shaky blur.

When Ms. Turner did her farmerlike dance — palpitating with slightly bent knees, kicking out one lower leg and then the other as she grimaced and smiled at once — that was a kind of music too, and it was her gift to you."

Tina Turner Proud Mary Live 2008

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