Sunday, June 14, 2009


Poor Eddie can't seem to make a hit

Imagine That
Eddie Murphy is a financial exec whose daughter (Yara Shahidi) gets lucrative stock tips from imaginary friends.

The once unassailable box-office king, Eddie Murphy just can't seem to make a hit these days. The title of his new flop "Imagine That" rings ironic in light of his former success. I, for one, couldn't have imagined that the same Murphy, capable of fierce and funny stand-up and now nearly classic comedies such as Boomerang, The Distinguished Gentleman, Coming to America and Trading Places could be responsible for the last couple of embarrassments. While clearly capable of powerful supporting roles such as his performance in Dreamgirls, Mr. Murphy seems incapable of determining a good script/project from a disastrous one - with unfortunate consequences for his box office success.

Jason Heck provides a brutal summation in his review for the Kansas Star, "“Imagine That” continues Eddie Murphy’s slow slide from comic superstar to a kid-friendly garbage factory who never met a script he didn’t like." Ouch.

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